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Radio Interviews

Rick Warren has been featured on several radio programs. He is he is eager to share his story of redemption and God's grace.

Rick wanted to be married. He wanted a wife and children. But what Rick really loved was himself. Rick and Sara Warren appeared on Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman to talk about hope for a failed marriage. From their prenuptial agreement to their eventual divorce, God was at work in both of their hearts.

Building Relationships is a weekly program offering life-changing insight and realistic advice rooted in the Word of God. Hosted by bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman, Chris Fabry and Andrea Fabry, Building Relationships is designed to provide fun and informative, practical help for your marriage. Rick and Sara's interview first aired in February 2014 across the Moody Radio network.

Building a thriving marriage doesn’t happen by accident. And when trust has been broken and the relationship severed, it’s easy to think all hope is lost. Rick and Sara explain how they reconciled their relationship with God and with one another.

Produced by Our Daily Bread Ministries, Words to Live By is a weekly show that seeks to make the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all. Rick and Sara's interview aired in February 2011.

Rick was featured on Anything is Possible, a weekly radio show that features a distinguished guest who shares their story of overcoming simple beginnings and many obstacles in their life to realize what most would term unachievable dreams. In addition, each guest discusses the driving force that led them to greatness and how this journey has evolved into giving back to the community. Rick's interview aired on Detroit's WJR in July 2015.

Rick was a guest on Living Your Divine Purpose, a radio show hosted by Sadie Bolos. This program seeks to motivate and encourage listeners with special guests, an interactive dialogue, and a special message to renew the mind, ignite the spirit, and equip people to live on purpose. Rick's interview aired on Detroit's WMUZ.

Notable News

National Philanthropy Day HONOREE

Congratulations to Rick Warren, honored in November 2015 on National Philanthropy Day.

He was named a Distinguished Volunteer by the Cranbrook Institute of Science in metro Detroit. Rick serves as Board Chair for the Institute, and Cranbrook shared that "his recent efforts helped thousands of students from Southeast Michigan experience science and natural history education."

Rick's life has been changed by Jesus Christ, and from that motivation he invests time, talents, and treasure.